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About Us

Cutting-edge Server & Storage Solutions

Our company aims to provide cutting-edge, AI-based server and storage solutions for businesses of all sizes. With the rise of AI and big data, there is an increasing demand for powerful computing infrastructure that can handle the complex workloads of today's businesses. Our products will leverage the latest AI technologies to provide faster, more efficient, and more reliable computing power to our customers.

  • Video Surveillance Server
  • Video Surveillance Server based Storage
  • Artificial intelligence GPU server
  • Project Design & Configuration
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Our Stories

We started very small now we are
working in several countries.


Our Mission

Empowering Your Security
Unleashing Maximum Protection


Our Vision

Foster strong partnerships
Ensuring unwavering support


Service We Provide

Our AI-based server storage solutions offer a solid foundation for your video surveillance business, backed by the expertise of the Inteloq team